Version 4.0
Fix installed Feeder
New built cowshed
Outlets for seeds 2 to the supply points
Extraction point for the large BGA chopped at
Point of sale for property wines lining the old cattle market pigs
Sales outlet for feed cattle market cattle
Compost storage with taking on pig farm
Remodeled warehouse for pig feed on pig farm
Increased and adjusted quantities for equipment and storage
Animations on the big and small BGA (flap)
Other signs eigefügt
Some extended production speeds
Dunghill at the broiler moved outwards.

Mixer hall on the basis of feed mixing plant of Marhu (approval pending) Beet cutter for direct feeding of cows (sugar beet and potatoes) (Marhu, Funky) composting plant (Farmer Andy) beet Schnitzler (Fame Randy) pig (Marhu) cattle fattening (Marhu) broiler (Farmr_Andy) sawmill (Marhu ) WaterMod (Marhu) for any animal wool pallet collector (Marhu) Digital display (Blacky BPG) lining layers of Frisco177 Silobänder BGA of Manuuu (with minor modifications due to the conversion) gr. BGA (much individual components) Silage mountains (large capacity) at the large BGA brewery and Bakery GE mapping (with function)

DOWNLOAD PortaWestfalica_Entpacken.zip – 469.6 MB

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