Pressenpack v1.0 FS19

The lazy farmer’s choice … The three original presses of Giants (ALL HAIL GIANTS !!) and the winder as mod, so that we can freely adjust the values. These are e.g. 3x yield, squeezing 25K bales and are cheaper.

You can adjust these values in the respective xml-files:


maxPickupLitersPerSecond: 1050

Original would be: 1 at fillscale and 350 at flow

Size of bales: l10n_unit_literShort

Capacity 25000

Original would be: 4000

Max Speed: 20

I know, I know … is just XML-botched … but hey, who’s horny, load, who does not, not …;)

Cheers and have fun with the 19er !!!

Modell / Textur / Script: Giants (ALL HAIL GIANTS!)Idee / Script: Matth

DOWNLOAD Pressen_-_Entpacken.rar – 35.7 MB

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