PROJEKT UNNA 2017 V6.0.1.3

German Mod Map Project Unna2017 Version
The district Unna is located in the center of North Rhine Westphalia in the administrative district Arnsberg in Germany.
Courtyard and surroundings were created from free imagination.
Extra fruits are: hops, oats, spelled, carrot, onion, red cabbage, cabbage
On this map you will find an extensive economic cycle.
In order to have to deal with individual businesses here, you would scroll this page to your basement.
An overview map as well as a manual make this easier.
These tools are also in the Extra Mod Pack.
There are 25 production sites, 60 outlets and 9 outlets that can only be reached by train on this map.
Some factories are also accessible by train, e.g. for raw materials.
The Season Mod we are not supported under the current Giants version 1.5.1 for this map, in the version 1.4.4 of the season Mod is functional on this map.
Also in the MultiPlayer area the Season Mod will cause problems.
The Mods * UniversalProcessKit * and * AnimationMapTrigger * are included with the Extra Mod Pack required for this map.
There are 34 medium and large fields on this map, of which 4 fields are your own.
The carpenter can supply two types of tree wood, the wood you have beaten, as well as the timber from the lumberjack team,
that you can load there and bring to the joinery for further processing.
Unfortunately, you can only sell your own beaten wood in the joinery and not use it for further processing.
All other information can be found in game mode on the map.
Signs in the production plants, in the station area, in the industrial and commercial areas offer a lot of information about it.
Just pay attention to the yellow signs in the individual companies, (who can read …!)
The animal pastures cow and sheep are outside the farm, the pigsty is in the yard.
Installation: The file * ProjektUnna2017 should be unpacked and read the instructions for installation!
Have fun with the project Unna 2017 Mapdownload.

Bemak, Kruskow

DOWNLOAD ProjektUnna2017.rar – 916.5 MB

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