got my Race Hopper Xtreme 3 years brought out of the shed and made ready for LS15.
stand by heavy use in LS13 and 3 years in the corner it is optically not so handsome.

What has been done:
overhauled -Motor, drivetrain, suspension, brakes and steering
-Thanks new software for the controller I was a little more power and speed Rausholen (ca.120PS + 90km / h)
-Max. Mowing speed 30km / h
-Volume Grass Tank 2500Liter
-Treibstofftank 90Liter
especially make -Elektrik so-so, the blinker still bitching (but am a mechanic and an electrician, so I let the above)
-Reifenstaub + Tire tracks
-dynamischer exhaust smoke
increased speed -Abkippanimation
– NOT washable (because I have not occupied myself with Dirtsystem in LS15)
-Grasaufnahme Can be enabled or disabled by pressing O !!! Attention !!! continues to mow when tank full, but does not cover swath before the grass collection is not disabled

Since I do not come to painting because too much work I hau the stand for legendary 3200 LS €
was not tested in MP, so no idea obs or not (feedback would be nice)
This mod may not be offered, using the original link on other sites to download free

Modell: Giants Textur: Rastaman2911 Script: dynamischer Auspuffqualm Idee / Konzept: Rastaman2911 Tester: Sonstige:

DOWNLOAD amazoneRacehopperXtreme.zip – 7.8 MB

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