RANDAZZO R275 PP V1.0.0.0

Hello Friends of farming, I present another great Italian trailer, Randazzo Company . The style is typical of my latest mod, with real weight and size (scale 1: 1). The project has realized thanks to the manufacturer (F.lli Randazzo) that in addition to maximum co-operation has also provided the CAD model that had remodel due to excessive polygons. This mod, despite the high number of polygons, is very light ingame confirming the quality of the work done.
Load Size: Length 7.5 m. x width 2.38 m. x height 2.2 m., empty weight 7000 kg.
Capacity 20000 kg. The load capacity is 39027L

Mod with advanced features and customizable template:
Realistic animations;
Dynamic hydraulic hoses;
two types of wheels, selectable;
15 colorable versions;
6 colorable rims;
3 decorations;
Interactive Control for tipping over the body, and aluminum ladder animation;
cover sheet, with opening and closing only with InteractiveControl !!

Modell: Ago-Modding Textur: Ago-Modding Script: Xentro, Martin Fabík Idee / Konzept: Ago-Modding Tester: Ago-Modding Sonstige: Ago-Modding


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