Fields are large.
One field in the property.
Cultures are standard.
Standard animals.
Many different productions.
Starting technology.
The map is made for lovers of course and rectangular fields.
The archive must be unpacked.

1. All fields have their own master, all fields belong to one.
2. Field number 3 was removed, instead of it grass meadow, and forest belt for logging.
3. The sawmill was converted, a chipper was added, as well as warehouses for pallets of boards and pallets.
4.All the map added traffic.
5. Added a chicken coop, produces eggs and chickens for sale. (Slaughterhouse)
6. Animals have the opportunity to feed bales, you can also add bales of bales.
7. Compost has a compost deposit, and straw can be brought to the compost with bales.
8. Fixed a bug in all production, production speed is now higher, but different in each production.
9. Dairy and milk sales point were added, but milk is still sold automatically at midnight, who does not need to eat a special mod.
10. The coal mine is added, it works on diesel and biodiesel (coal is sold at a heating plant and a sawmill is working on it)
11. The bakery now requires an egg as a resource.
12. On the separators and seed production, a translation was translated, more understandable, so as not to get confused where to and what produces.


DOWNLOAD Region_18_07.rar – 1.2 GB

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