Remorque Williams convertie

remorque-williams-convertie-FS-2015 (2)

Mods de FS 2013 convertie en FS 2015 , fonctionne a 100% !



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6 Responses

  1. madatij says:

    The lights won’t work. Othervise very good.

  2. karl says:

    bonsoir je n’arrive pas a baisser les rampe comment faire ?

  3. Jamnj88 says:

    How do i use the ramps. I can not figure it out

    • MadChild_DK says:

      U have to get out, behind the trailer and press “x”, if u want to lover the crates (sides) press “v” i think it is, to remove them press “c”, and to open/close the back press “o”..

      But remember, u have to get outside and stand along side/behind the trailers.

  4. k;bvugyds'-dtfyguhijok says:


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