We are glad to present the card “Reshetilovka”! On this map you can admire piyzazhami,
Taking the cargo on the train. Sdes there: cows, pigs, ovtsi, and there on the very farm
Initial tractors, on which you can Rozwi later.
Nearby there is a chicken coop from which you can collect eggs and sell in the near
farm shop. Also there is provided an interactive sawmill, which
You can sell the trees, and get to the pallet boards. You can choose to export milk,
which gives more realistic. There are vast forests, the village is not big Ukrainian
n countryside. Reshetilovka in Kotormo there is no big river. Enjoy your game counterparts
Farmers! Prosperity! I think you will like it, and get the most impressions at
game on this card! .. I will be very grateful if you specify the error
comment and then map will be updated.

Changes: The fields, animals, Multifruit, a train, a sawmill, and other non-poladki.
Isprvlena accuracy PDA mini map

Anton & Sergey (c)


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