Field 11 layout area change presents a nice large square field now.

After the field 11 area change a new area was created for th flour mill and it’s tip point.

Fields 14 and 15 were flipped and resized which now presents field 15 as the second largest field in the game. Fields 14 and 15 are split by a ploughable grass lane which if joined would create the largest field on the map. Roads and gated entrances were adjusted around this area.

The Southfarm layout has been finished and includes a flat placeable area and storage sheds.

The Northfarm layout has also been finished and now includes a small pond near the barn where you can back a water tanker in and fill like at the main farm.

Silo’s have all been updated with new signs and digital amount readouts.

Tree collision is back on for all trees now.

Ringwoods Mutifruit, now when I first implemented this I hated the way it looked so I set about changing it, you will see what I mean.

Next came embedded fill plains and particles from the loading, unloading and fruit in trailers so all the fruits are correct and I did the compost soil as well so all trilers will so the correct load.

The woods have increased tree density and have had more texture and ground work.

The Cow Navmesh is fixed at the feeding trophs in the cowzone. Cows will no longer stand in the trophs or do handstands trying to get to the feed.

Prices for pallet boards have been slightly decreased.

A new Spinnery tip point has been added for the sale of cotton.

Other tip points and sale points have had the new fruits added where needed.

The garden centers yard has need enlarged near the compost sale point

Chopped Straw is added to the map.

Some of the auto gates have been adjusted where they hit the ground.

Some of the fencing has been adjusted where it looked wrong.

They PDA is adjusted, correct and the map is upto date with the new areas.

Much more but you’ll not notice and over the weeks I’ve forgot.

Giant’s, Models and scripts by Marhu, Farmer_Andy, Wizznall, Upsidedown, Nils, Luke_BK and JHML. Mod Map by Stevie.


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6 Responses

  1. Leonardo says:

    Good day!

    Congratulations to all map developers, and that the best map I played today.

    Already tested thousands of maps …

    The Ringwooods is by far the best of all, well prepared, made up of the original map, larger terrain with elevations, new products … this perfect … I recommend 100% …

  2. DaBooZ says:

    Where i can load my seeders? Can’t find.

  3. Stevie says:

    Garden Center or the green silo’s at each farm, the blue silo’s are fertilizer.

  4. Valdemir says:

    Once again congratulations on the map, as always wonderful.
    Thank you.

  5. nevadas says:

    slt , tu as mis d’autre semence comme “le Soja, L’avoine…” etc.ce qui est très bien, mais on ne peut pas les vendre

  6. Happy-Farmer says:

    One of the best maps ive ever played. Fantastic. Thank you.

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