River Po FS17 by Vaszics
The creation of the map was largely helped by the fact that many of the FS15 have been downloaded.
Of course, the basic idea and some old forms blend with the new elements. I hope you will like it and many will play with it.
In my opinion, the information map is well-documented, so I’m just making a few basic listings.
The map is 4x
Key data
{C}{C}- {C}Cannery
{C}{C}- {C}Cake factory
{C}{C}- {C}Refinery
{C}{C}- {C}Bakery
{C}{C}- {C}Hmilk
{C}{C}- {C}Distillery
{C}{C}- {C}Sawmill
{C}{C}- {C}Sand
{C}{C}- {C}Sugar factory
{C}{C}- {C}Compost master
{C}{C}- {C}Plum garden
{C}{C}- {C}Cherry garden
{C}{C}- {C}Mill
{C}{C}- {C}Fermenting silo
{C}{C}- {C}Dryer
{C}{C}- {C}Forage factory
{C}{C}- {C}PigFood factory
{C}{C}- {C}BGA
{C}{C}- {C}Construction
{C}{C}- {C}Gardencenter train-trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Farmshop train-trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Port of grain mill train-trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Bufallo Grill trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Power Plant train-trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Graintrans 1-2
{C}{C}- {C}Woodtrans
{C}{C}- {C}Grain mill trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Water mill trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Horse stable trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Manure-slurry processing train-trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Castle Pub trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Building market train-trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Villa trailer
{C}{C}- {C}City trailer
{C}{C}- {C}City grain trailer
{C}{C}- {C}Selling cotton (Airport) trailer
{C}{C}- {C}wheat
{C}{C}- {C}rape
{C}{C}- {C}barley
{C}{C}- {C}maize
{C}{C}- {C}sunflower
{C}{C}- {C}soybean
{C}{C}- {C}potato
{C}{C}- {C}sugarBeet
{C}{C}- {C}chaff
{C}{C}- {C}grass_windrow
{C}{C}- {C}dryGrass_windrow
{C}{C}- {C}silage
{C}{C}- {C}straw
{C}{C}- {C}woodChips
{C}{C}- {C}forage
{C}{C}- {C}pigFood
{C}{C}- {C}hops
{C}{C}- {C}oat
{C}{C}- {C}rye
{C}{C}- {C}triticale
{C}{C}- {C}spelt
{C}{C}- {C}onion
{C}{C}- {C}carrot
{C}{C}- {C}lettuce
{C}{C}- {C}compost
{C}{C}- {C}manure
{C}{C}- {C}liquidManure
{C}{C}- {C}booze beer
{C}{C}- {C}bread
{C}{C}- {C}hmilk
{C}{C}- {C}sand
{C}{C}- {C}sugar
{C}{C}- {C}flour
{C}{C}- {C}cake
{C}{C}- {C}cherry
{C}{C}- {C}plum
{C}{C}- {C}saladMix
{C}{C}- {C}yogurt
Larger objects
{C}{C}- {C}Port
{C}{C}- {C}Castle
{C}{C}- {C}Railway station
{C}{C}- {C}Electric Hydro Plant
{C}{C}- {C}Airport
{C}{C}- {C}City
{C}{C}- {C}Villages
15 field
Each field is owned by grass 1.
The map can also work with trained trains. To do so, you must copy the contents of the attached
TRAIN subdirectory to the correct location of the original FS17 program (you should make a copy of the original library before copying)
C:\Program Files\Farming Simulator 17\Farming Simulator 17\data\vehicles\train
In this case, the assembled train assembly shown in the accompanying drawings will travel.
The power and volume of the machines I have used and proposed for the map have been changed.
It is only recommended to use these devices, of course everybody uses whatever equipment they want.
In accordance with the previous practice, the map contains the most important proposed equipment (the defaultVehicles.xml is included as basic machines).
Growth rate has been accelerated for arable crops.
You can personalize it according to your preference in the growthControl.lua file in FS17_GrowthControl mode by changing the current values.
growthcontrol.fruitnames = {[0]=”wheat”,[1]=”grass”,[2]=”rape”,[3]=”barley”,[4]=”maize”,[5]=”not used”,[6]=”potato”,[7]=”sugarBeet”,[8]=”sunflower”,[9]=”soybean”,[10]=”oilseedRadish”,[11]=”poplar”,[12]=”spelt”,[13]=”oat”,[14]=”rye”,[15]=”hops”,[16]=”triticale”,[17]=”onion”,[18]=”carrot”,[19]=”lettuce”};
growthcontrol.growthhours = {[0]=2,[1]=0.1,[2]=2,[3]=2,[4]=2,[5]=0,[6]=2,[7]=2,[8]=2,[9]=2,[10]=2,[11]=2,[12]=2,[13]=2,[14]=2,[15]=2,[16]=2,[17]=2,[18]=2,[19]=2};
If you want the factory setting, delete the FS17_GrowthControl mode from the MOD directory.
The modPack attached to the map contains the modes I use during the game. Optionally, I recommend these modes.


DOWNLOAD River_Po_FS17_by_Vaszics.zip – 1.4 GB

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