When I had begun to draw this map, I actually wanted to leave as a private mod for me and my brother. Have since my in-progress pictures and descriptions in a relevant forum but apparently aroused the interest of the community I will now ask to download the map.

Version 1.0 Final
– Fliegende Bäume wurden beseitigt.
– SpawnTrigger der Fahrzeuge wurden berichtigt.
– Sägewerk um die Funktionalität von Marhus Sägewerk erweitert
– Verkaufort für Bretterpaletten: Tischlerei Rockwood gegenüber Baumschule
– Sonstige kleine kosmetische Anpassungen


Welcome to Rockwood! You gave up your old life and want to be so forester? Now Kleiner, I hope you know what to expect. The life and work here is no picnic – awaiting you the hard life of the Lumberjacks. And just who is working hard to bring it here to what.
You begin your work with a small fleet. Rode the forest and bring the wood to the mill, where you can sell it. Forget not to provide also the biomass heating with wood chips so that the citizens of Rockwood have it in their rooms nice and warm, and electrical current.
Work hard, buy new cars and you take care of the forests. And do not be put off by the breathtaking scenery you: The trees and forests here are old. They have survived many centuries and forgive any mistakes.
– You have your company in the northwest of Map.- Just south of your business location is a nursery where you buy seedlings for reforestation könnt.- the east, the sawmill is connected with the Biomass Heizwerk.- Within the forests were the potential transhipment points marked with foresters huts. Some of them have yet to be cut free, others you can immediately nutzen.- you order your vehicles directly in the forestry company office. You will also be supplied equal to the free space in front of the hangars. Also are sales and reset point of the vehicles in Forstunternehmen.- The launch fleet should be sufficient to begin the work. The sale of the tribes then you come soon so much money for you to buy a mobile wood chipper, with your then the biomass heating plant into operation könnt.- If you still need money should: It depends a cash machine next to the office the forestry company on the wall.

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