RTV Speed Limiter V 0.5


Which farmer does not know this, because on one hand, the top modern tractors and trailers, but back in the barn is the 35th year old manure spreader and even an old diesel Ross. While the new vehicles are registered with number plate at 50 or 60 mph, one may perhaps another 25 km / h with the old manure spreader.
With my MOD you can watch now the speed of each vehicle, limit any trailer and any attachment so that it no longer can go faster.
Save the zip file in the modfolder, and you’re good to go. The script automatically builds in.
Once you goes into a vehicle that is not registered or trailer / implement is coupled (or already is), the max. Speed ??queried. Use the + and – keys and numeric keypad, you can change the speed. Press the Enter key numeric keypad, you accept the entry. A 0 endspricht there any limitation (eg for a front weight, or a tractor that you do not want to limit). The thing already, now you drive around with the limiter.
When connecting and disconnecting the speed we throttled to the lowest allowable speed of all devices attached to the Zugfahrzeugt.
Since the modern farmer is only human, is the effective max. Speed ??always 3 km / h higher than allowed, which is still in tolerance;-)
Since I have no idea what is perpetrated with Mod’s all the script including pitchforks or front weight builds into all “drivable” and all “attachable” Vehicles. Where there simply to limit to 0, ie no limit.
The data is stored in the file RTASpeedLimiter.xml in order savegame. So you can go with different limits or copy the file into another savegame in different savegames.
A default file I have not intentionally created as each country has its own laws and ultimately every farmer must endscheiden himself, as his vehicles are redeemed.


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