RUSSIA 1.0.1

Map “Russia” with the functional DK. For the construction of its motor depot it is necessary to deliver construction materials, there are factories both on the DK, in addition a meat-packing plant and a textile factory. Cows are sold at the MTF, pigs at the STF, and sheep and chickens at the Highlanders. If you do not have enough resources for production, all you need to buy is. In the brigade you can buy all the crops. You can buy potatoes, beets, carrots at the vegetable store. On STF you can buy pig food, hay, straw, silage. On MTF you can buy milk. Changes v1.01 [29.08.18]: Author’s words: 1. I put the feeder in the cowshed. 2. I removed the straw from the roof of the pigsty. 3. I moved the silo tower to the living complex. 4. Fixed silo pits on the BHA. 5. Fixed spawn points on canning and vegetable storage. 6. Fixed the unloading marker in the sheepskin. 7. Corrected the texture of the pallet on Textile. 8. Added storage of loose hay and straw. 9. Set the markers for unloading straw for cows and pigs. 10. I installed the Svapov watch on the ring near the base. 11.Added random events. Like, in the next update I will add more. 12.Ispravil beets at sah.factories. 13.Added markers for the bar on construction sites. – Reference number 1 is the card itself. – Reference number 2 pack of starting technology for the card.



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