When creating the map “Russia” scenarios and objects of the map “Gifts of the Caucasus” were used, as well as the objects of the maps “Perestroika 86”, “Swapa” and “PGR Bruzda”

14 fields
Breeding of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens

For the construction of its motor depot it is necessary to deliver construction materials, there are factories both on the DK, in addition a meat-packing plant and a textile factory.
Cows are sold at the MTF, pigs at the STF, and sheep and chickens at the Highlanders.
If you do not have enough resources for production, all you need to buy is.
In the brigade you can buy all the crops.
You can buy potatoes, beets, carrots at the vegetable store.
On STF you can buy pig food, hay, straw, silage.
On MTF you can buy milk.

1. The camera on Kirovets has been fixed.
2. The ADA is corrected.
3. Removed the fueling trigger from the 13th field.
4. The marker for the purchase of liquid fertilizers is installed.



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