here is another grain auger for your grain handling needs.
this has a self mover so you can move the auger around on its own power.
the controls are as is:
leftmouse+ up/down = auger raise/lower
leftmouse+ left/right = mover raise/lower
push x to lower the pivoting section of the mover.
this auger will unload all trailers and pull from heaps on the ground like the farmking and brandt augers.
use the supplied hitch to move auger around with vehicles. connect to hitch first with vehicle then attach to auger just like brandt auger.
same thing with this auger like the brandt, drive control and the tow script must not mix. wheels will not turn with drive control on and will cause some drag but you can still move it around decent. without drive control wheels move and pulls like it should all the time. but minor detail.
error free. hope you enjoy using this auger and have fun.

model = isotope (excellent job and thanks for building this entire auger setup) textures = killerrf ingaming = killerrf grainaugerlua = alfalfa6945 converyerlua= marhu


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