I have made the stables active with a sell point for straw, grass and hay, plus bales. There is also seed, fertiliser and water available. The scenery and fields have also had a makeover with more power-lines, dead tree piles, and a plowed field ready for purchase.
The Biogas plant now buys your manure and slurry, it’s not a big payout but still adds a new job to your workload. You can buy seeds (I imported corn pallets), fertiliser, diesel and water there as before but all rearranged for better access.
Both farms have had numerous changes with more detail added.
Sandy bay farm has a re-landscaped cow pasture for better turn around, made park area for manure loading, removed milk marker, set slurry pipe back 20 feet, set up a lunch area and toilet block under front trees (you can walk through the fence in two spots). The wood chip shed now has a turnaround area for trailers, with a large Elm next to it. Chopped wood, stump and axe behind both farm’s houses. Removed the bale divider from bale shed and installed round and square bales to back wall.
Extensive map-wide lighting with enlarged coronas for better night viewing effects.
Static boats in the harbor have different paints and fishing rods, plus night lighting.
More details at all shops, stock items, saplings set to a bigger area, larger milk trigger and more.
Overall map foliage density has been reduced by at least 40%, many dense areas like Willow farm and back roads now have no cam restrictions but still retain eye catching details and well placed trees and power lines.
All start fields are now fertilised and only two are ready for harvest. You get very small fields.

There is much more so explore and see.

Sandy Bay Redux Edition v2.1 by Aussie_lee Original map – Oxygendavid Multi Fruit – KimG Soil Textures – Melfroy Testing on original map – Mappers Paradise


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  1. lelemaker says:

    A very nice map, great work.
    Why i can’t sell straw but only bales ???

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