SBRv3 by Aussie_Lee, is a highly detailed version of Oxygendavid’s Sandy Bay Gold.
You will find hundreds of extra objects, new textures, new areas and many extra activities to explore including two new send-off trains and a story-line to follow from the load page.

V3 Changelog:
Lumber yard – Wood train and sell point. Woodchip bunker and tip trigger over the woodchip wagon. Complete makeover to create a working lumber yard. Train send-off pays double for logs. Payout for manually loading woodchips is high.
Grain Corp – Grain train and sell point added to upper West of the map. Main silos are off-map with a tunnel and tracks. Detailed sell point area with ramp, buildings, load pipes and silos. Train send-off pays double.
Biomass heating plant – Larger with original refinery building. Fence and entrance recessed back from road. Added detail.
Sandy Bay farm – Shed removed from corner and replaced with a more open layout. New silage bunker installed. Changed field layout. Various area changes and more detail added. Removed all bales from main shed and most of the straw. Fixed potato conveyor and enlarged trigger. Moved sugar beet conveyor for better access and widened the trigger. Changed the cow pasture grass to make a better track.
Willow farm – Long shed added in place of the wood bunker. New silage bunker installed. Changed field layout. Various area changes, enlarged greenhouse area with added ramp, more trees, fence-hedge changes and more detail added. Moved potato conveyor and widened trigger. Moved old bale trailer prop and made a turn area for the sugarbeet bunker.
Fields – Fields 20 and 34 fixed. Fields 8 and 11 ploughed and set for sale. Field 31 changed back to grass. Field 29 owned and sown with wheat. Field 26 enlarged, ploughed, hedge straitened, made open fence to field 25. Field 37 owned, ploughed.
PDA Map – Upgraded to reflect changes. Added more detail. Removed all colour from fields. Removed and altered some text labels.
All prices are higher with train sell points lower to compensate for the x2 send-off.
Increased all silage silos to 500,000 per side. Wood chip bunkers are 250,000.
Various terrain, object changes and additions map-wide.
Sandy Bay farm has a good compliment of mid-range vehicles as well as the Biogas plant. Willow farm, the forest and the Lumber yard have nothing.
*This map performs perfectly at 60fps using Giants only equipment and tested with large amounts. Using mods requires the player to find the correct balance with mods vs map load.

V2.1 Changelog:
Overall map foliage density has been greatly reduced in this 2.1 version, many dense areas now have better cam movement while retaining eye catching details, well placed trees and power lines plus objects.
Willow Farm: Is now more open but has many small details including power lines along main road.
Milk tank/pipe structure at the depot changed to look functional, trailer replaced with two more tanks, two large milk triggers(there is a second trigger that can be altered for Hmilk but I have left it as a twin load point).
New fence plus parking spot at Sandy Bay farm.
New fences at fields 15&16 along of the motorway west of the map.
More map and hedge refinements.

V2.0 Changelog:
Stables: Are now active with a sell point for straw, grass and hay, plus bales. Seed, fertiliser and water for sale, power-lines along the access road, dead tree piles.
BioGas plant: Buys your manure and slurry. You can buy seeds, fertiliser, diesel and water there as before but all rearranged for better access, corn pallets added.
Animations: Removed – Air force one jet, motorboat, butterflies. Animation speed: Distant freighter 5kph, Bi-plane 45kph, freight train 45kph.
Sandy Bay farm has been re-landscaped at the cow pasture for a better turn around and I made a park area for manure loading, removed the milk marker and set slurry pipe back 20 feet.
Added smoke and chimney to main farm house.
The reset pad is now longer and I set up a lunch area and toilet block under the trees (you can walk through the fence in two spots).
The wood chip shed now has a turnaround area for trailers, with a large Elm next to it.
Removed the bale divider from bale shed and installed round and square bales to back wall.
Chopped wood, stump and axe behind both farm’s houses.
Map perimeter trees in clusters to block views of off-map terrain seams.
Map border collision objects that hug the map edge and allow access to the bay.
More Lighting: Extensive map-wide lighting with enlarged coronas for better night viewing effects.
Moved barn from cottage to windmill.
Added smoke to the biomass plant, 2xcampsites, stables, windmill, town flats, shops and the insulation refinery chimney.
Static boats: There are boats in the harbor with different paints and fishing rods, plus night lighting.
More details: At all shops with various objects and lighting. Saplings: Moved to a bigger area to the side and surrounded by detail.
Littleham Stores: Now sells seeds, potato sacks, fertiliser and water.
Windmill: Is now a working area like a vintage bake-house/museum, you can sell eggs there.
Fruit prices: All lowered to better match real-life produce.
Fields: Field 20 is now split into 20 & 21, with a dividing track. Both are for sale.
Field 27 is now divided and re-numbered to 36 & 37.
Installed double gates to field 26.
Installed double gates to the north of field 28 with a track to field 29.
Created more field joining tracks.
Non-owned fields are ploughed ready for purchase.
Owned fields are around farms, small, fertilised and only two are ready for harvest.
Start equipment: The map has a limited amount of basic start equipment.

There is much more to see so explore. SBRv3 has even more!

Sandy Bay Redux Edition v3 by Aussie Lee Original Sandy Bay Gold by, Oxygendavid Mappers Paradise Multi Fruit – KimG Soil Textures – Melfroy MAP OBJECTS, TEXTURES & SCRIPTS Giants Software Aussie_Lee Oxygendavid Sotillo Modding Industries Larsen & Larsen Modding Raptor5 Benedict Alex2009 Mfg Bernascht von kyokoyama777 CHRIS1988 Kolbenfresser Luculus marhu Decker_MMIV THomas SirJoki80 Dorset WBF chris7710 petorious NI Modding BulletBill83 LJW modding fatian javieroo7 juanathan lsm modding chriss 1988 kolbenfresser zefir mafia73 csmc jauchebpaule kazura creative modding imschonenwildcott coufy vanillaice87 Larsen modding webalizer sandgroper vertex designs lancyboi Daft_Bugger 1984Fendt936 Romank Corsa D Fahrer


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