Welcome to the Sarntal Alps 2.0!
The Sarntal Alps is designed as a single-player map. The fictional scene has a real role model in South Tyrol. The card size is roughly twice that of a standard map. You are in a remote side valley around on 1500m height with peaks of over 2500m.

Required mods
for initial installation:

Multifruit (upside down)
Multifruit Extended (Marhu)
Animated Map Trigger (VertexDezign)
UniversalProcessKit (mor2000)
BGA Extension (upside down)

Krone Emsland (Multi Cart)
Kotte Universal (fluids)
Fliegl transportation Pack (animals for slaughter)
ModAbsetzer (dairy plant)

have for those Version 1.8

BGA Extension (upside down)
Multifruit Extended (Marhu)

The modfolder is the same! Who wants to keep the safety of 1.8, place the card in a different folder, otherwise the file is overwritten.
Many changes, making the score required!


The latest version of LS15 (except if the Stepa-Heukran comes)
It is not a typical agricultural map. There are small fields, but can be comfortably together plow, if need be.
Power you a first impression with the launch vehicle or you look at the pictures here!
Other small and medium sized machines.
The card is designed for active play. Large storage capacity, there is no purpose.
The map has been tested with version 1.4.1, for its own security modfolder is recommended to avoid conflicts
The download size is large, but there can fast Filehoster (external DL)

New in Version 2.0
– See changes

since version 1.8
milk factory
stationary hacker
new more extensive forest area
Grounds for placeable objects
Reset point for vehicles / machines
Slurry manure-lime-Mod
new and unique building
new sounds, objects
new lanes
optimized slopes for easier mowing grass
Additional usage areas on the map
more signs
Pedestrians, parked cars
Beautification of the village
Adjustment of prices
Adaptation of triggers
New viewpoints
larger font in the PDA
many minor tweaks / embellishments

Integrated Mods:
Cattle fattening 5.0 (Marhu)
Goose Mast 1.0 (Farmer_Andy)
BGA (Manuel_MWT)
Sawmill 2 Rivers (Festus)
Mixing station (Marhu)
Fruit Farm by Kastor
Apfelmod (mor2000)
Verarbeitung_Verkauf (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Vegetable growing (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Fertilizer & seed production (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Lettuce Trigger (Rosenthaler_ROS)
Compost Master (Farmer_Andy
Milkmax (Farmer_Andy)
Straw and hay 2.0 (Nico Angeles)
Milchwerk (T2KModding-Thoralf2002) (Vers.1.8)
stationary Hacker (LKXstudios) (Vers. 1.8)
GMK-Mod (TMT) (Vers. 1.8)
Green manure mod (upside down) (Vers.1.8)
Additional fruit: clover (alfalfa) + textures (Gene Borg)
compostSoil (see compost Master)
multiMowing (upside down) (Vers.1.8)
trigger Extended

Mods that fit well to the map:
Classic agriculture (Giants)
Tractor Deutz 120MK3 (Beda6)
Tractor Lamborghini R2 (Beda6)
Tractor Steyr 8090a (Steyr Modding)
Tractor Case Puma 240 (Timber131)
Miststreuer Gruber SM450 (Beda6)
Bale wrapper Tanco (Beda6)
Trailer Fliegl TDK 160 (Giants)
Maishäcksler Poettinger MEX 2 (Jukka)
Sowing machine Monosem NG4 (Vertex Dezign)
Drescher Claas Lexion 550 with Gehring Hoff cutting (Michi77)
Hürlimann HPE (Hoffi)
Ural-4320 (Jekyll)

Telescopic loader bucket

What there is not (and will not be):
MixFeeder, Pallet collectors, transport, other animals, more storage facilities, SoilMod
Multiplayer + Dediserversupport

Map design and Modintegration. Seba_S_Tian Best sounds, textures, buildings, layout of buildings with functions remain the intellectual property and may not werdem used elsewhere. Changes only for private use. Objects: HofSilo with ventilation House: Devin Old House / Meadow fence: m4pj3cts small garage: Wild fox Dirtfunktion – Igor29381 / Marhu stationary Hacker Update 2.1 – LKX Studios ancient hangar – Luc68100 cattle watering – Spieler11 Stadel hay function- Slowtide63 CompostFillingPlant – Farmer_Andy KuhSilo – Old Tractor team Alpine buildings – South Tyrolean soil textures – Melfoy Animal waste & unloading – Qualitätsmods team


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