Version 1.1
… the Numbers “float” now over the ground and in the grass!
Thanks to Dbilas for the great idea!

Because I am a singles player and thus much with Coursplay (CP) make,
Has always annoyed me the storage of the routes.
At first, the idea was to provide all crosses with numbers in the GE.
Since I was not able to create the numbers myself,
I asked in the for help
And these will also get through m4pj3cts – THANK YOU again at this point !!
Now a buyable and free placeable version has been created.
The scandal-numbers (Greeting to HeinzS) can be placed on the roadside, and thus the storage names in the CP very much simplify! 😉
If the grass is too high, I’ll go over the spot once with the roller
M4pj3cts created the numbers ingeniously bright,
So you can see them at night.
Credits: m4pj3cts

Costs: 0 €
Maintenance: 0 €

PS If someone can tell me what I have to do so that the numbers are visible when placed, or they are placed “higher”, you are welcome to report! – try it out then you see what I mean!
If you do not need the mod, do not need to download it!
PPS Happy New Year! As shown in Fig.
Lg scandal

Modell: 1.0
Idee / Konzept: scandal
Zahlendesign: m4pj3cts


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