Scania R730 Bruks Truck v 1.1


This mod contains three fashion
Truck and trailer box
You will need to buy all three techniques
Capacity 24500 and 44500 kg
Requires version or higher games


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3 Responses

  1. henrik j eriksen says:

    its a great looking mod but why do you not describe how you use the differen tools .. we cant attach the boks at the front truck have tryed all can se that vthe arm activation is with one hit at N but what the ???

    I it wass only me and not my son playing i would dele this mod an never use that again — so pleace make a instruction many modders are making a read me with a instruction — try to make that and we would recomend your mod to other players

  2. farmboy002 says:

    It’s a cool mod, But it still has a error in the log file. Please fix it? I would really like to have this mod with zero errors or warnings.

  3. farmboy002 says:

    This is the error Error: Node ‘hydra’ has a bad reference frame! (C:/Users/—-/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//scaniar730bruks_v1_1/models/trucks/scaniaR730bruks.xml)

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