SchattenWolf Map V 3.4.1

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The Shadow Wolf Map is home to the Wolfstal adjacent to a coast. The locals are very close to nature. When they have experienced have been sighted in their valley wolves again they could not believe it first. However, a small pack of wolves that Wolfstal has chosen as his new home. But to find they are not.
In Wolfstal there are some small and medium enterprises. The largest is the transport and construction companies is (is not listed in the current version). There is also a forestry company a livestock and Agricultural yard. So you can finally decide what you want to do it.

The most original houses were removed. They look terrible.
The sheep pasture is located with in cattle in the middle of a small forest.
When cattle is also the forester. This is also the chips bunker. You can unload only there the chips.
In the main courtyard there is a small problem. The potato heap can not be seen. I do not where the fault lies there. But I guess I’ll be there again revise something.



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