I hereby would like to present the Schiltrac 92F for the Farming Simulator, 2015. I tried to make the mod as well as allow my skills as modders. I hope the mod is to me somewhat succeeded.

Important information:
o With swap as transport module, side spreader and silage wagon
o good performance on slopes
o versatile both on land and on the slopes
o Wagon invites from anywhere
o Dual Tyres externally attachable

Information about each machine:
Schiltrac 92F:

Power: 92 hp, swing axle, dual tires from outside mountable, working lights with button NUM6, tank volume: 130l, shop price: € 125 000, maintenance costs per day: 20 €

o Schiltrac transport module:
Load capacity: 10000l, fruit species transported can: wheat, canola, corn, barley, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, wood chips, grass, straw, manure; Shop price: € 12,500, maintenance costs per day: 22 €

o Schiltrac loading wagons module:
Load capacity: 8000l, fruit species transported can: grass, hay, wood chips, straw; Shop price: € 52,300, maintenance costs per day: 25 €
Attention! After purchasing the loader wagon, the supports have to be displayed!

o Stoeckl side spreader module:
Load capacity: 4500l, Swivel ejector (280 °), shop price: € 33,560, maintenance costs per day: 25 €

Modell: Georg Ornt Textur: Südtirolerbauer Script: Südtirolerbauer Idee / Konzept: ML Modding Tester: Südtirolerbauer, Ml Modding Sonstige: Südtirol Modding, ML Modding


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