The gameplay script for games, which are not loaded with additional functions in the game

Modified in
– New generic versions with ct
– Filled with full cultures and pooch
– the new function: the hour with the peal time
– Improved co-operation with Manual Attach
– Degree of the problem with the game menus
– Controlled by the problem with the expansion screen
– fixed overtight of the inlet
– we see better the quality of the data about the happening of the fortune

HUD: You can hide or display HUDs (heads-up displaces).
Forward Motion: You can increase or decrease the amount of motion.
Step into the cells: you can undo and drop the camouflage.
Approximation of the cell: you can pose and remove the cell.
Change of concern: when you are on a transpired vehicle, you can change the degree of its disinfection
Increased memory failure: the modem adds a new amount of time (from 240x to 15x60x).

A detailed and clear description of each function can always look at the game in the game, in the middle of the page.
The Russian language is present.



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