SeasonLighting is almost the little brother of my project seasonManager. From the idea of ​​designing the lighting to suit the seasons, this little script finally emerged as a small bonus. Although the seasonManager does everything that this script can do, however, some players may be too busy to configure the seasonManager and play with it. Anyone who wants to farm without time pressure and want to have a warmer light when threshing than with seeding, will be happy with seasonLighting.
Operation is easier than ever. Use the right-hand CTRL key and the Num1, Num2, Num3 and Num4 numbers to switch between the lighting presses for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Which season is just active is displayed up in a small overlay.
Important is that the seasonManager is not loaded as a mod in the game. That would be quite meaningful. In this case, I do not accept responsibility for damaged gameplay, unstable game integrity, or injured cat bats.
The Scitpt seasonLighting was published months ago at forbiddenmods, as it was protected there very well against unauthorized copying. Now it is also on Modhoster, and tomorrow also on every other Mod-Klau-side. An appeal from me to you: Please avoid these pages. They hurt us modders tremendously, because they may take our only chance to take them. Therefore, please be fair and do not support these people, who copy and upload mods for lower reasons, in order to generate even revenue.
Back to topic: If there is more interest, I will schedule updates. Things like changeable key assignment etc. are quickly made and published.

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