The Season Master mod script (seasons of the year) is a mod that improves realism in the game of Farming Simulator 2017, bringing almost all aspects of the activity to more realistic parameters. Everything, from seasonal effects and the model of crop growth to livestock breeding, has been changed and approximated to realistic values. The game year is divided into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is divided into 3 periods: early, middle and late. These periods are called transitions. Your activity, as in real life, depends on the time of the year. Seasonal effects of the fashion Season Mod in FS 2017 The weather changes every day at random, but it is typical for each individual season. Spring will be rainy and foggy with infrequent sunny days. Summer will be warmer and drier. Hail can go without warning. Autumn will be rainy and infrequent sunny weather. Winter will be rainy, but if it is cold enough to snow, it may even form a snow cover on the ground. Snow will fill the bodies and shovels, unless they are in a shed with a snow mask or covered with a tarpaulin. Snow will also reduce the adhesion of the wheels to the road, which will lead to slow motion. Seasons also affect the length of a day’s light. Winters have shorter days (8 hours), while in summer the days are longer (17 hours). Silage bins and silage bales require time to ferment. For a complete fermentation of the bunker or silage, one third of the season (1 transfer) will be required. Wrapped hay will not wander, but bales will be protected from weather conditions. Season Master for FS 2017 will also affect trees and foliage. Trees change their state according to seasonal temperature changes. In autumn, the leaves change color and fall off. In winter, the trees will be bare, without leaves, and in the spring they will turn into light green. Changes v 1.3: Changes under DLC Platinum Fixed bugs Nights became longer, and dawn now comes later. The sale price can not exceed the purchase price. The texts in the Skip Night dialog box are now correct. The cost of repairing forest inventory has been changed.

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