SEASONS V1.3.1.1

Winter is … and spring, summer and autumn, too. The Seasons mod changes the fundamental way to play the Farming Simulator, introducing seasons and changing all aspects of the game process, such as weather, growth, economy, car maintenance and livestock. Experience the trials and tribulations of a farmer’s real life, worrying about the fact that you get all the crops planted in time before it is too cold or too dry, so that they germinate, and finish if you clean up of rainy days of autumn when the crop is wet. Beautiful visual effects in accordance with the seasons, such as the birth of life in the spring, the richness of the color of autumn and bare trees on a gloomy winter day, when you clear snow or are engaged in forestry, will help immerse yourself in this new world. Changes V1.3.1.1 compared to The growth rate of trees is reduced to one year.

Realismus Modding, theSeb, Rahkiin, reallogger, mrbear, baron, dragon1020


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