This version of the SeedMaster you know probably already out of my yard Bergmann Map. Now he is finally as a solo version for your Maps and has been improved. Approved for installation on your maps.
The placeable version is available in 3 colors as above in the pictures in Orange, Green and Red.
The SeedMaster used for the production of seed (pickled) seeds2 and is based on the factory script. This version is placeable but can also be installed an appropriate GE version is present in the archive, if you want to block on his map which may like to make a detailed instruction on how things are built based on the factory script can be found here on
When placeable Version 1 new Filltypen is seeds2 registered.

The SeedMaster2k16 must be filled with wheat, barley, canola and corn, but in addition also fertilizer (liquid fertilizer) is needed, this is the Kotte Universal via hose filled (Please note when unloaded) to find this here.
The SeedMaster2k16 can be filled from above with a shovel, we recommend a wheel loader or telescopic loader. Front loaders are a bit too small.
The treated seed is taken to the pipe this collects in a bunker and is only issued when a trailer is below.

Script: Marhu Mod: Farmer_Andy


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