With this pack, you can open your own direct marketing. For this purpose, you can choose between sales houses, of different sizes, as well as vending machines.

Self-marketing means fresh food for customers 24 hours a day and a clear conscience, as they know where the products come from. Freshly stocked, the products are provided to them by the producer without intermediate trade.
For you as producers, this means simple and direct marketing of your own products, which gives you a higher profit but also some additional work.
Depending on which model they choose, they will have different costs and profit opportunities.
The sales houses are available in three different construction methods:
Large, small and as an extension.
Eggs, milk, potatoes and soybeen can be sold at all cottages.
There are two variants of the vending machines:
Vending machine for milk and eggs and a milk filling station.
For this purpose, three shacks in two different sizes are offered as storage facilities.



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