Version 5.0
Change Log
Serenity Valley V5.0
**Rockhound Modding**
Hello Farmers!
Many new thing come with V5.0!
1. Added 5 new crop types.
a. Millet
b. Triticale
c. Rye
d. Oat
e. Spelt

2. Removed the second locomotive from the trains.

3. Added Industry.
a. Pallet Factory
b. Milk Factory
c. Cardboard Factory
d. New Sawmill
e. Sugar Factory
f. Refinery
g. Dairy Production
h. Greenhouses

4. Reworked the BGA and removed the Silage Clamps and added 2 Fermenting Silos and a Digest Seperator facility.

5. Added a Mixing Station and a Pig Food mixer.

6. Added Seed Production and Liquid Fertilizer Production.

7. Added Fuel Sell trigger and milk collection and sell triggers. The game will not sell your milk at 2400 hrs so you will need to pick it up befoe it sours!

8. Added Fuel, seed, fertilizer and liguid fertilizer storage.

9. The map now has 36 Fields instead of 38, had to make some room.
10. Smoothed out a few rough spots in a couple of roads.

GTX MODS Svapa-Agro kevink98/Nils23 Marhu LS Modding SanAndreas


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