Service truck that was leaked to me by Ryan, cant say last name for legal reasons. Idk Idc who originally made it. Someones mod wouldnt be posted on Mod hub is some of you little fuck asses knew how to approach someone when you are questioning them rather than just accusing them. Maybe some of you little fucktards need to grow up and act like men and real farmers instead of wanna be fucktards. As for the truck dont come at me with that fuck shit about “its copyrighted” ect ect ect thats bullfucking shit. I went through the files so the only thing its copyrighted is Giants. No other. Dont come at me with that fuckshit. It just someones model you overlayed on someones c70. Glad your fuck ass friend leaked it now the world has this kinda cool shitty truck. Faggots. Think about this before you go falsly accusing someone of something.

Ryan Founds


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