The first cockcrow woke you. A new day starts at your farm. Your tractors and machines are already waiting for you. The cows and sheep want to be fed, for example, with fresh grass from the large meadow next to your farm.

– Multiplayer is possible
– The floodlight masts with flickering light were removed
– The clip distance for buildings and trees has been reduced from 1500 to 1000. This makes the map much smoother.
– Small optical improvements
– Log errors have been removed

Known Errors:
– The wash hall does not load and save its status (incl Error in the log) but it works and even in multiplayer.

Your fields are ready to harvest (unless you play with the Seasons Mod 😉

The railway company will gladly help you to transport your harvest and other bulk materials to your destination with a total of 5 trains, one of which is only for transporting wood from the large forest area. It gives you additional storage space and provides a supply of seeds, fertilizer and gasoline.

Many factories can be supplied directly by train. Of course, a normal delivery is possible. There are many different factories and production sites. Most of them are season independent.

Your grandfather has retired and produces the best fruit wine far and wide. He persists in the rumor that he has a secret distillery somewhere in the woods. Notes on the map – All doors and gates for houses, halls and barns are immovable. They are open where needed for the game, otherwise closed. – The fields vary in size and have different levels of difficulty. Most are helper friendly, but there are also fields that were definitely built for the “self-drivers”. – For every directly produceable product (grain, wool, etc.) there is at least one direct point of sale and at least one processing possibility in a factory – Milk can be picked up from the cowshed, otherwise it will be sold as usual at midnight. – Fish food is wheat, barley or corn – The production chains were kept deliberately short, for example, the greenhouses need no fuel and no factory needs empty pallets. With empty pallets it would be more realistic, that’s right, but it also annoys more because you still have to control an “ingredient” more and don´t get me started about the extra travelling distance. – The map contains over 13500 trees of which about 8000 spruce. Have fun while cutting down – The gravel sites are only decoration.



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