Welcome to Slovak Village map. This map is fictional but it is based on real life location in Slovak Republic.

– This map includes all Farming Simulator 17 features.
– 11 sell points,BGA etc.
– 36 fields small/medium/large.
– Did you like square fields friendly for AI worker or field that have tier own specific shape? On this map can be found both of them for everoyne.
– Lot of models made by myself, also contains models from other autors.
– Forestry and missions all included.
– Animated objects

I Hope you like this map and you will have a lot of fun.

!!!Important(ONLY IF YOU UPDATED MAP FROM VERSION Since v1.0.0.0 has been made some changes to fields and vegetation, to have the best experience from new update you should start a new game and just transfer your progress and vehicles into a new game.!!!

Change log v
– Your farming equipment can now be customised in the vehicle workshop shed at the farm.
– Fixed rotation position for amazone sprayer in default vehicles, now can be attached to vehicle without any issues or necessity of resetting it.
– Fixed some little objects on the map, that was not placed correctly.
– Eggs now appears only in henhouse.

Change log v
– Fixed golden nuggets, that was not able to collect.
– Fixed Maplefield Mill icon on minimap when fully zoomed out. Some other icons are now positioned correctly, where they should be.
– Flipped positions on water and food troughs (sheeps and pigs pasture) for better access.
– Traffic splines updated – speed of vehicles has been reduced from 60km/h to 45km/h(Changed because if one car had to stop other car runned into it) They now also slow down to 30km/h just before they enter the town. (Still looking for solution to not get stucked crossroads sometimes)
– Minior improvements and terrain improvements
– Field 12, 15, 16 has beed resized because of better ai helper performance
– Added gate on the east side of the farm.



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