Many goods are produced on a farm. In this case, also products which require cooling. Who wants to rotten eggs, rancid butter, or sour milk only because the goods had for breakfast a whole day in the blazing sun.

For me it was also much too expensive to bring each pallet with finished goods individually to grocer. So a warehouse must be found, where I can make a greater load together. The bearing must be properly insulated and accordingly cold. For example, +6 Degrees, the decrease temperature of milk, determined by the dairy plants.
That is why I have made myself ran and built in “only” a little over four months, the small cold store.

My knowledge in dealing with Blender typically corresponds to a beginner. Even worse is it with functions (script).
For features, doors and gate, but I am lucky to know a more experienced modders at my side.
PowerPeter008 has built me ??not only the functions, but also all the way, from the groundbreaking to completion explains each step storybook-like and always provided me with a lot of motivation when I smoked the head. Therefore, my special thanks to my teacher, PowerPeter008.
Further assistance I received from Slowtide63. I tell him also: “thank you.”

Now for small cold store, which I therefore regard as a collaborative project and want as my first teacher left work to offer you.

The cold store is fully walkable, even the attic and in the refrigerator may be used trucks, or fork-trucks.

The doors can be opened and closed with the “r” key. From the inside, as operated from the outside.

The pallet rack has the upper floor an invisible collision surface on the bottom. It can therefore fall through nothing was turned on, even if it is not directly on the shelf support. Anyone know a bit about the GE, and the shelf can be removed easily, should it disturb someone.

The milk withdrawal is only possible with a simple trick.
By placeable “MilkTruckTrigger”. positioned under the milk outlet of the cold store, the trigger simulates an underground pipeline from the milking machine to the cold store milk tank. So it is possible to remove not only milk at the milking machine, but also in cold storage.

In addition, the maintenance costs are extremely low because the current can not get here from the socket, but of photovoltaics on the roof.

Purchase price: € 125,000
Maintenance costs: 20 € / day, including building insurance, maintenance and cleaning personnel.

Do not forget to unzip the once and copy the contained therein Zip in the modfolder. The Read me.txt includes “only” a short guide and the Legal.

Modell: Maulwurf63 Textur: Maulwurf63 Script: Giants, Masulwurf63. PowerPeter008 Idee / Konzept: Maulwurf63 Tester: Maulwurf63, PowerPeter63


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