This is a nice little front loader useful for tight areas, or small farms.

I would like to share this mod with you.

First let me say, I am not the originator of this mod, all I did was to repair, and make it work as it should.

Fixed the non-working hydraulics. Added a whole new lift, the original was missing parts.

Reworked the model as a whole with GE, and separated the front and back halves so that an attached bucket follows the arm as it should.

I reworked the sound to better match this front loader; taken from a real JCB 409.

To operate the lift: You can use either the mouse or keys.

[J] Up
[N] Down
[K] Tilt Down
[M] Tilt Up

[Mouse] Hold Left Click – Raise & Lower
[Mouse] Hold Right Click – Tilt

Original Mod: trudie.bednar Avant Skin: angusanka


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