Smokedown Farm is based on a real life location near the source of the river Thames in Oxfordshire England and as such has narrow roads and rough bumpy farm tracks linking the fields just as it is in real life.
The terrain is mostly flat due to being on the Thames flood plain but with gentle rising ground in places as well as deep ditches, you have been warned!
The farms include Smokedown as your main farm with the dairy and main grain store, the seed master 2 is here along with the mixing station, we have also put in tractor repair workshop in front of the farm houses.
Thrupp farm is where you will find sheep with the pallet collector mod and beef fattening and potato & sugar beet storage also you have storage for grass, silage, straw. Next is Swine farm based in the south of the map for pig rearing, again there is grain and root crop storage but on a smaller scale as this is an old small farm. PD Hook hatcheries situated in the far north east and this is where you will find eggs complete with water & grain requirements and two large chicken sheds for raising chickens for market.
The BGA is huge and has the composter situated here as well, just down the road is the vehicle dealership (Tinknells) again based on real life but sadly now closed, you will find tractor repairs here and the had point extension workshop.
The sell point are on the main road to the north turn left at the Swan Hotel, you have Chip & Sons wood yard with Dusty Millers grain wholesale and the milk & wool sell points. Turn right at the Swan Hotel will take you to Arkwrights Wholesale for cereals and root crops also compost sell point, you can get seeds and water here as well. Next door is trotters Livestock Traders for beef, pig and chickens.
All the gates are manual opening so you can use coarsplay, or AutoCombine & AutoTractor to help you manage this large map. You will need to unzip the file after downloading as a special mutifruit zip by stevie can be placed in your mod folder, you will need to remove existing mutifruit zips from your mod folder to avoid conflicts.

Soil Mod
Water Mod
Damage Mod
Compost Mod
Mixing Station
Beef, Pig & chicken fatterning
Hardpoint Extension
Stop Milk Sale
Extra Foliage
Inproved Textures

Model: Wonko Texture: Script: Stevie Idea / Concept: Testing: merman, stevie, dirtracer00, grizzlybearsims, daveysgb Other: dorset,bulletbill,ModdingWelt Viper123 Deckor Zuckely FS Modding Higsterboss Modding Fabrik Sean69205 Upsidedown Brown OTT Kim Farmer_andy VertixDesign

DOWNLOAD – 1014.6 MB

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