Snow Removal V 1.0

snow-removal-pack (1)


In this pack I provide a Case Tractor Winterized, Snow Plow, and a Snowblower. Keep in mind the snowblower isn’t prefect beacause it isn’t animated and it pushes snow but youc an still use it and plus it looks cool on the back of the Case IMO.

Case Tractor – Giants, Farmer109, fsfarmer11
SnowPlow – M – 312 Modding,Modmacker199,fsfarmer11
SnowBlower – Ls-Modteam-France, Fsfarmer11


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2 Responses

  1. TractorMan123 says:

    can’t find the snow plow at the shop

  2. paludetto says:

    comment trouver la neige dans farming simulator15

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