SODIMAC XEAL 7329 / 8832V1.0.0.0

The JFAgri Pix team wishes you a merry Christmas! And for the occasion, it is a pack Sodimac Xeal which is made available to the players of FS 19.

They had advertised it on their Facebook page, thing promised thing due. Two skips of the Xeal range of the Sodimac manufacturer arrive at the catalog of the PC / MAC players. The 7329 and 8832, respectively 21 and 24 tons of CU, each have 3 choices of tires and 3 different capacities depending on whether or not you climb the side panels. Overall, the buckets are well integrated in the new Farming, with optics of headlights that have a beautiful transparency and flexible that connect to the tractor as it should. The textures lack a little detail, but nothing shocking.

3D:JFAgriPix/Scripts: Les_plaines_de_l’artois/JFAgriPix


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