I decided to start getting energy efficient , so I made a storage barn with solar panels. The cost is 65000 with a daily upkeep of
25. However since the power company is required to purchase your excess energy you can earn 1860 per day. A second barn only adds an additional
200 approx income.
In addition to being able to park medium to some large equipment you can also keep your unwrapped hay and straw safe from snow and rain
when using the seasons mod.
The shed measure approximately 50 by 92 feet.
You will have some allowance on the levelness of your ground since it has a deep base under it. Please enjoy thos placeable building.
This is a version 2 so you will need to sell any solar barns you have purchased and the remove the old file from your folder.

Model JohnDeere1952 Solar Panels Giants Textures Cadhatch


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