Version 1.3 Finale
BGA works again
Minor changes and adjustments

Here I present my map “Somewhere In Nowhere”.
Welcome to Somewhere in Nowhere. The railing is very demanding and partly very narrow. All standard items of Ls17 were installed. In addition the terrain and dirt control of Ls15 combed and further it was prepared on the Seasons mod.
It was built by me free and not modeled on a place.
Since the train has no function with me you need umbedingt
the LocoDrive link to drive the train alone.

Version Note:
direct download 1.2.2 Seasons Version requires the Seasons Mod
alternative download 1.2.1 Normal version

For 1-2 play
9 fields and 2 meadows
Mountainous landscape with many details
1/4 the size of Goldcrest Valley
Sawmill sale of logs and wood chips
Baywas selling wheat, barley, canola, corn, soybeans, pigfood and wool
Brieger sell potatoes and sugar beets
Animal husbandry hall for sale by Stoh and hay
BGA selling manure and manure
Edeka selling eggs
Pig feed production (GrainMaster and PigFoodStar)
At the farm there is the cow, Hüner and pig stable, a little further away the Scharfsweide

The following systems were tested:
CPU GPU RAM Auflösung Hardwareprofil fps
I5 2500k HD7870 4gb DDR3 1920×1080 Hoch 35-50
I7 2600k RX480 8gb DDR3 1920×1080 Sehr Hoch 50-60
G4400 Rx550 4gb DDR4 1280×720 Mittel 40-50
Ryzen 7 1700 GTX1060 16gb DDR4 2560×1440 Sehr Hoch 45-60

These details are only for orientation and can be different for everyone.
When using Seasons it can come at the seasons change to short stuttering disappear after a few seconds.

Recommended mods:
fruit destruction
Light addon
tire pollution
soil quality

Have fun playing Essa
A big thank you goes to Spreegurke for his help
and to all those who have made their objects available.
The map has been extensively tested in the last few days in multiplayer and ran flawlessly with us.
If I forgot whom forgot in the credits a Pn me and it will of course be added as soon as possible.

Fatian Nick98.1 Steffen30muc GoldFox fqC art Finite Mokre_DrogiPolne Vnsfdg2 untitled Domino90 Niggels VertexDezign freak36558 Duarn bonus_money PixelsDezign Katsuo Arii Max311 seba j Kiler199630 freak3655 m4pj3cts FarmFarm arii UrsusDriver Desperados93 farming2001 Mannie313 Toddi Igor29381 S.W.I.K. Decker_MMIV Blacksheep Modding Dogface Eribus SimulatorGAMES Realismus Modding Marhu kevink98 Farmer Andy


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