Somewhere in Thuringia
Or as it is so beautiful
“The green heart of Germany”

Converted standard maps are not for you? Rectangular fields condolences your farm soul?
The search is over! “Somewhere in Thuringia” offers you exactly the right, the small and medium-sized companies every day anew, everything required.
The landscape is fictitious, but influences from my homeland can not be denied.
From the LS15 it is many well-known and who she has already played, she will also like in the LS17.
All new “Thuringians” were said; Demanding, demanding, extensive; Are the features that characterize this card.
Read the description carefully, pay attention to the notes, and decide for yourself whether you are up to the challenge, or rather try your luck on the standard map!
You ask yourself what exactly you are expecting, how much work and what to do?
Here the equipment and productions of the map.

37 Fields of different sizes and shapes, spread over the entire map
Terrain: challenging and quite challenging for man and machine
Main house: quite centrally located with cow pasture, sheep herd and chickens, light to make even night layers, central warehouse and enough possibilities for the accommodation of the machines and equipment
In the north-east of the bridge, small but fine, illuminated and with bearings, for the quick operations in the upper area of ​​course with space for machines and equipment
Pig fattening: a little outside the main house, closer to the dealer if the food is scarce
Forests: distributed on the map, large and small, perfect for those who like to make wood
BGA: large driving silos and light for the non-reactive gas producers
Filling Pumps: Surprisingly, for storing fuel and its removal
Transport company: goods must be stored
Field missions in SP: conditionally available for half-way rectangular fields
Goldnuggets in the SP: because sometimes everything is gold that glitters

Production facilities:
Refinery: without fuel it does not go now and who always wants to buy expensive diesel at the tank
Brewery: even the farmer does not run without fuel
Bakery: man is also hungry and bread for the world, to match the
Mill: for bread does not come from air and love
Salatfarm: dry bread permanently, makes the farmer visibly sour
Seed factory: cost-efficiency is the key
Fertilizer factory: Increase in yield from own cultivation
Sawmill: because forests are not only beautiful, but also worth money
Sand / gravel works: for all who need a break from the field day
Last but not least, there are also production raw materials that can not be produced. So always nice to pay attention to the money.

The map includes various trailers that are used to transport certain goods.
The following are the following:
VanHool Tanker: fuel and biogas (please use the pack here !!)
Feldbinder Silo: crude oil
Krone Plane: Beer, bread, salad
For all other goods, the standard trailers, tippers or your favorite mods are sufficient, provided that they can load the course accordingly.
Naturally, of course, fully MP-compatible, a clean modordner is at the beginning of an advantage.
This should be enough for the description, I hope you like the map.
With this release the “Irgendwo in Thüringen” has reached its final version.
If gross errors still occur, there may be a fix but this is as always without guarantee.
The map was extensively tested with the current patch version 1.4.2 at the time of the release
No functional guarantee is accepted for future patches.
Good luck, long game-play and happy, peaceful field wish Kastor and his test team from
Thanks goes to all modders whose things I have installed and who have provided me with their scripts.
In particular to the team, Spielgemeinschaft DerKochLP, as well as my testcrew (especially Robby the hours on the server has tested) for troubleshooting and testing of the installed productions and their functioning.

Raptor5,Joker301069,Weisser,Kastor,kevink98, Wenn ich wenn vergessen haben sollte tut es mir leid. Einfach melden und ich trag denjenigen nach.

DOWNLOAD Irgendwo_in_Thuringen_ECONOMY_V2_bitte_entpacken.rar – 721.1 MB

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