All the feature’s from version 2 plus more.
Improved from version 2 and is fully compatible with your V2 save game but, you must remove anything you have across the main road from the farm. The cow mixing station (TMR mixer) should be made as empty as possible of silage. If you don’t take out the silage, there will be silage all over the ground there. So from the existing mixer to the weight station needs to be clear for your version 2 save game to work.

Upgraded mixed rations mixer, added pig food mixer, seed production, solid fertilzer and liquid fertilizer production for your own use.
Fixed chicken egg spawning area now they all lay their eggs in the coop. Small change’s all over including a slight shape change to field 9, this wont be seen in your save game only with a fresh start.
Seven other objects added to the map, some may be offended, hard to say now days, everything offends some people 😀
Tell me in the comments if you find all 7, you may get a reward o_O.

Giants Johnny Vee Kastor KevinK98 MarhuLS17 FabrikScript.lua and more, please let me know if I missed you


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