Hello LS 2017 players and players! Today I have provided for you the spruce V1.0! This spruce is freely placeable on your maps!

Have this spruce made placable, since you of Giants not Oroiginal was present in the game, not even after the whole patches! The spruce is 100%
The Original Giants Map! A friend of mine asked me if it was possible to place the spruce as in the predecessor (LS 2015)! Since there are still none today
Mod gives from the spruce, I’ve realized it for you!

General information about mod:
Giants Editor 7.0.5
Patch 1.4.4

Hours of testing in the SP / Career! LOG is error free !!
Hours of testing on the DEDI server! LOG is error free !!

1. Put your graphics card on the new stand! Update your drivers!
2. Patch with the version: 1.4.4 is needed! Here is the link for which it is not
Know where I get the patch !!

3. If anyone should come up with the idea, the mod does not work or works
Not!! No one helped! Post the entire LOG file or PN
to me!! Just so, I can help you if you have problems with the Mod!

Download and copy to the Mods folder, done !!


DOWNLOAD LS2017_FICHTE_V1.zip – 2.4 MB

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