Construction of the cowshed:
Delivery of wooden pallets or wood chips to the billboard (this will disappear after 5-game days)
What is needed 88,000 chips (22 wooden pallets) for the 22 stages of expansion, which I will not enumerate individually here. The building is finished when the manure-heap appears (thus not to be overlooked next to trigger for wood). I have to build this building in simplified form, as it already is very complex.

Is the barn ready he has the following functions:
Basic requirement, it must be available enough forage and straw.
Not more than 5000 forage 5000 straw accepted (which is enough for about 1 day). The most common forms of forage should work (silage, hay, mixed feed, grass …) whether delivered with blade, bale, mixer or loader wagon. There are respectively 2 delivery points for straw and forage (once at the stable and even one at the top floor, through the trapdoor)

Production of milk: Daily at 5:00 and 17:00 is milked = 500 l per day – up to 4000 liters can be stored.
Production of manure: Hourly 40, There is a special feature. The manure has to be transported with the manure to the manure heap, there it shall otherwise be in the gutter. Simply go to the manure-heap and turn the manure. Not more than 20000 liters storage
Production of manure: Hourly 20. Not more than 20000 liters storage
The fill-levels you can see you in the room under the ramp. Filltrigger for milk, manure and liquidmanure at the images.
Your can increase or decrease the production volumes in the GE course individually.



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