A few things:

1. A big thank you to all who helped me! I would particularly like to thank Derelky for the release of his scripts and also Moep0710, which gave me some important tips.
2. The mill was tested in advance by 2 teams and works absolutely flawless and has no warnings on the Dedi server.
3. The texture for the warning sign and the 40 speed sticker at the rear are slightly pixelated (if you look closely). Improving this would require changes to the UVs. Since I lacked the experience while laying the UVs. In the next time I have less time but afterwards I will take another time for a few changes at the mill (can).

Price: 54400 €
Maintenance: 100 €
Required power: 100HP
Bunker size: 12000l

– The mill converts the corn to 1.2 times the CCM raw mass. This simulates the spindle addition. The value can be set in the XML, but according to my research is close to reality.

Pricing is, in my opinion, the most important. Otherwise, you can start cheating right away.
The price of the mill has been fixed so that the use of the mill is calculated by converting 15ha (= 276000l) grain mill into CCM. When fed to the pigs, it does not pay off until 18ha while it is already 11h after selling everything CCM.



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