This map has flat land and flat fields. It has a Forest, pallet collector, pig, beef, water mod installed.
Pig and beef mod is actually a fattening mod this time by Marhu. You have to purchase the pigs and beef then feed and water them before they will produce more pigs and beef for selling. After some time the pigs and beef will breed so you do not have to purchase more. The sale point is a Butcher up north above the spinnery.
I have successfully used course play and auto combine mods with this map and I highly recommend using them.
I am still working on adding more fruits but wanted to fix some of the problems people were having first before venturing out a little deeper. If anyone would like to help with this please contact me or edit the map as you choose and send me a copy of it.

Tiago Piloneto
Lazy Mod Studios
American Eagles Modding team


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7 Responses

  1. alex74 says:

    thx for this interesting map.
    my problem is, that the helper script doesn’t work.
    plz fix it.

  2. Mike says:

    Great map, but the only thing that I can find is the sell/silo unloads need their pick up radius increased. atm its about the size of the axle on a trailer.

  3. Bryan says:

    awsome farm….much like here in the us, lots of “as far as the eye can see fields” there is only one problem from what i see is that you cant sell pigs and beef for 1 dollar a ton. i took in 4 hogs and 4 steers and recieved 80$ ! wow.. i want to buy meat where ur getting it…lol and yes that was slaughter weight. if that was fixed it would be hands down the best map for me….nice work thnk you.

  4. Jake says:

    Please fix this map. I love it but there are problems all over this map. That flashing border is gonna give somebody a seizure, grass sell point is very tiny, combines will go through sections of fields and not harvest anything. Courseplay has lots of issues on this map as well. Not sure if its courseplay or the map but there are issues somewhere. I dearly love this map and have spent many hours playing it, but all these problems are making me want to hit something. I know its a lot of hard work but, if it can be fixed PLEASE DO.

  5. ron says:

    I uploaded a different version of this map with several errors fixed, please respond to my email, because I do not use this site and DID NOT upload it here, although I appreciate the site admins efforts but there is a reason I uploaded it to one particular site and not several, I will respond to and fix any problems people are having if you use my contact information in the map. some of the problems listed above have already been fixed and some are un known to me, and yes I do play the game and do test the map before releasing but its almost impossible to predict every problem different people have considering the vast differences in the type of mods and software you run.

  6. robert says:

    the workers wont cultivate thefields and what do you feed the chickes in the 4 chicken houses also can you sell the chickens somewhere or just the eggs get sold

  7. robert says:

    what do you feed the chickens and where can you sell the chickens also cant figure out how to load the pigs and beef i cant sell milk at the factory and they dont come and pick it up workers wont cultivate fields and i cant get my product from my silos ie cotton sunflowewr sorghum etc…

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