– Interior dimensions:

Joystick, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, gear lever, 2 gearshift lever next to joystick for the PTO clutch
Boat monitor, direction indicator, turn signal normal and with trailer, warning light
All cylinders of doors and windows, door / window handle

– Interior lighting:

Monitor, displays, light sources for the light indicator which is currently on, tank indicator
Cooling, door lighting when it is open

– Interior Sound:

Doors / windows open / close, engine sound louder with open door

– 12 different tire configurations:

Standard, standard + weights, wide tire, wide tire + weights, twin tire / narrow tire
Care tires, double care tires, Nokian tires, Nokian wide tires, rear disc drive

– Various Steyr Decal Designs:

Red, Black, Gray, and White

– Scripts installed for:

Passenger, Dynamic Pants, Door Opener, IC Control, Cabin Display Monitor
Particles, engine, interior dimensions

– Color selection

2x on the vehicle – 1 color or 2 color buyable, rims

– IC control:

Doors, roof windows, rear windows, round lights, warning signs

-New exhaust system:

More particles at PTO start / engine start and acceleration

Other highlights:

– Completely revised in Maya

– Dynamic rear and front trousers

– Cooling grille transparent and motor built by Puma

– Motor has a motion animation

– Textures adapted and revised

– Turn the round light with the IC to the top

– Wheelbase widening which automatically adapts to the purchase of the wheels

– for each motor variant own license plate with lighting

– Buyable warning boards with lighting

– Additional indicator lighting installed at the front

caution!! In order to ensure the correct functionality of the indoor animations,
Drive Control or GearBox is recommended.

FBM Team / Ahran


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