Steyr 4095 Kompakt Pack V 1.0

steyr-4095-kompakt-pack (1)


Steyr Kompakt 4095 with Front Linkage: Opening doors and windows, Pflugmod, LS 15 lighting, (go outside Insertable Twin tires for each wheel and press the “R” key and many more ….

Steyr Kompakt 4095 Forst: doors and wheels for open, LS 15 lighting, LS 15 Farmer and much more …

Steyr Kompakt 4095 Front Weight: Opening doors and windows, lighting LS 15 LS 15 Farmer, Stoll Frontladerkonsole and much more ….

The tractors are still NOT washable because I simply do not have time vlt is a later version of this feature.

CebuljCek modding, Steiner91


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