My umgeskinnter Strautmann VM 1702 with color choice for body, arm and rim, tire configuration, fill volume increased to 20,000 liters, decals adapted to the color change, engine configuration of 225 and 325 hp and 30 kmh and 40 kmh and various trifles.

Hello Leudde, this is my umgeskinnter Strautmann VM 1702nd Modding I would like to speak out of respect. The Strautmann VM 1702 has got a color choice for body, arm and rims, because it annoyed me that the door did not color with all other downloads. Also, I’m on Nokian tires, so that a tire configuration for Trelleborg, Nokian, Michelin and Mitas was indispensable. I’ve increased the fill volume to 20,000 liters, as it makes it easier to work with bales. The decals, I have more badly adapted to the color change, but so that you can choose one by one. An engine configuration of 225 and 325 hp respectively 30 kph and 40 kph was just a gimmick that is not visible from the outside either. Various little things were also revised. Of course I am glad about a feedback, no matter whether positive or negative, no shyness bidde.

I wish you a lot of fun with the device. LG, Marc



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