After consulting with marcy-ow he granted me permission to upload my version of the map, in wich i spend over 100H creating the field definitions for the map, so that couresplay will work the way it should, and also work around the islands.

The Helpers will follow the terrain also, and go around the islands, in the fields.

Than the field are now on the exact size.. biggest is now field 23 with 61.26Ha, at 2.4 mil. euro/pound/dollar.

The prices are set via the 2016 Real life prices of the german region of Thuringen.

Added are the tip collisions on a lot of buildings

The rail crossing triggers are pushed more back where needed, so you have a chance to stop before the train commes.

A big change is that the map now has 64 ploughing angles ( thnx to Mr_Mazonny )

the whole animal farm is redone, and now the sheep and the cows have a massive gazingarea for the ” grazing” mod. and the pigs can roam in their massive habbitat to.

Warning…when driving along the cow farm, mind youre speed, the cows will croos the street….warning

the fruit selling prices are lowerd, so whool does not go for 10000 per 1000L anymore.

Textur: T0mm3s/Marcy Script: T0mm3s Idee / Konzept: T0mm3s/Marcy/Maasai Tester: Die Verrückten Ossis Other: mrPassion78 for the map update, and Mr_Mazonny for the 64 angles

DOWNLOAD Sued_Thueringen_by_SuedOst.zip – 1.5 GB

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