Sudenhagen V 0.6 Beta Map


Welcome to Sudenhagen.Ihr managed an agricultural cooperative, the one where your Nebenhof fruits camps can and a main courtyard of the dairy farm is a little off and there are sheep.
Furthermore, there is a Schweinezuchthof.Ihr have two biogas plants, a business park where you can wool, rape, sugar beet, pork and beef to sell, a riding there can beet, straw, grass and hay are sold. Agravis buys all the fruits and there Can you fertilizer, lime and seeds Buy, a distillery buys wheat and potatoes.
In this map of slurry, manure, lime weed and chopped Straw mod is installed. For fertilizing it git catch crops clover and alfalfa. Now I wish you much fun while gambling.

Now, the update to version 0.6beta, beta is because I got yet installed no AI traffic.
So now what’s new:
-Prices Adapted for cattle and pigs
-When Agravis can now lime, seed and fertilizer are bought and stored at Nebenhof. (Signs are on the bearings off)
Clover alfalfa is now displayed in the fruits
-Pferdehof Can be sold straw now
-Füllstandsanzeigen Feed stores and LU Hof
-Kompost Master installed on horse farm
All fields Purchase pair
Eggs can be sold at Agravis in Sudenhagen and Wartenberg now
Growth times:
Wheat, Barley, Rape = 120.0Std. (5 days) per growth stage
Potatoes, sugar beet = 72.0Std. (3 days) per growth stage
Maize = 96h. (4 days) per growth stage
Clover, alfalfa = 48h. (2 days) per growth stage
Grass = 24h. (1day) per growth stage
Required Mods: ChoppedStraw, GülleMistKalk, MultiSprayerHerbizideMod for weed found in the MigMapCelle and who wants the AmpelMod will only work in single player
Recommended Mods: GründüngerMod, Quote: The green manure-mod adds all cultivators, plows and Drill in the game added the ability to fertilize by incorporating a catch crop.
MultiMowingMod, This mod extends the functionality of mowers to mow cereal clover alfalfa and a yield increase in grassland fertilization. The latter is properly the slurry / manure mod.



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  1. ZieFX says:

    Hi. there is some bugs with the silo on the farm and at the biogas. can u fix that. then a train that u can sell tree and send it away. then the map will be real greate. best regards ZieFX

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